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  2. Exhale Fears & Stress | Inhale Calm

Exhale Fears & Stress | Inhale Calm

Learn how to exhale all those fears and what-if’s so you can ultimately reduce your stress.  Time to bring calm back in!


Our “Exhale Fears & Stress | Inhale Calm” coaching package will help with all those what-if’s and fears that have consumed and taken over your brain.  We will examine why your inner voice won’t stop talking, how to quieten it down, and what’s the connection between your emotions and body.  We will navigate through your fears and sort through the what-if’s as well as explore two unexpected ways to interrupt stress.  It’s time to bring calm back in!


  • 3 coaching sessions (conducted at your discretion)
  • Assignments
  • Unlimited email access

If you are ready to learn how to get rid of your fears and become calmer and happier, contact Celine for a FREE 30-minute Discovery Session!

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