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  2. Master Class Certification “Taking the Lead”

Master Class Certification “Taking the Lead”

Our “Taking the Lead” Master Class Certification is the most comprehensive and hands-on collaborative leadership training program where you get to work it, hone it and apply emotional intelligence into your work and personal life.

The EQ-i 2.0 Leadership Assessment is included in the Master Class as a pre-requisite to beginning the lessons.  By measuring your emotional intelligence, you will have a snapshot of what areas you excel at and need improvement.

The ENTIRE Master Class Introduction (“Training Expectations and “What is Emotional Intelligence”) is FREE.  Pay only when you are ready to proceed to the lesson modules.

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Do I Take the Self-Paced Course? – YouTube

Do I take the Master Class? – YouTube

“Taking the Lead” is an intentionally reflective course chronicling the emotional intelligence expertise Celine has amassed over the journey of her personal life and through her impressive leadership career.  Throughout the course, she conveys relevant stories and experiences, peppered with pragmatic real-life examples and masterful theory.  Those of you who take this course will be introduced to the empowering concept of the importance of holding space for turning inward, of going deeper to understand our “why” in life; the simple most important driver for our motivation and behaviour.”   Andrea Gillespie, Ontario



Research has identified emotional intelligence as the direct link to great leadership.  It is the most highly sought-after leadership skill because of the positive impact it has on a company’s culture and success. 

Collaborative Leaders are able to create environments where trust is built, employees feel valued and respected, and where employees see themselves thrive and achieve under their leadership.  They encourage, inspire, influence and evoke cultural change!

With emotional intelligence, you will gain an understanding of what emotional intelligence is and explore all the “whys” behind your desire to develop this skill.  What will you gain?  Why is it important?   How will your emotional intelligence impact others?  Why is it necessary for you to alter your approach? 

By gaining insight into how you lead, what drives your behaviours and the way you think will provide you with a clear path on what changes you need to make in your approach.  

In this Master Class, you will develop a strong foundational understanding of emotional intelligence and then put it into practice through the assignments and coaching sessions.  We will have ongoing conversations around what you want to achieve and avoid for yourself and the team, and develop a personal map to get there.  As a Collaborative Leader you will

  • Understand how emotions influence and impact work environments
  • Have the ability to navigate through difficult and sensitive situations and conversations with confidence, neutrality and with an insightful perspective
  • Discover ways to build trust, engage in a meaningful way, and make informed decisions 
  • Gain insight into procrastination, accountability, complacency and inaction, judgements & assumptions, perfectionism, and the fears surrounding change and failure

 Included are

  • Introduction:  Training Expectations & What is Emotional Intelligence?
  • EQ-i 2.0 Leadership Assessment & 45-minute debrief
  • Modules 1-6
  • Videos, PowerPoint slides
  • 20+ assignments to be submitted (yup – homework!)
  • Feedback on your submissions
  • “Notice & Get Noticed” (6 coaching sessions)
  • Personal Action Plan   
  • Certificate of Completion

Contact us today for your FREE 30-minute Consultation to help determine what you are wanting to ultimately achieve for you and your team!

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