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Notice & Get Noticed

Want to get noticed and be recognized as someone who knows how to engage and interact with others, able to deal with tough situations with confidence and who makes decisions effectively?  Our “Notice & Get Noticed” coaching package will do that for you!


From : $997.00

We all want to get noticed or be recognized for our work performance.  We want to stand out in the way we deal with challenges, how we connect with others, and how we build trust.  “Notice & Get Noticed” coaching package will help maximize and refine your emotional intelligence skills to do just that!  We will have ongoing conversations around what you want to achieve and avoid for yourself and the team, and develop a personal map to get there.  You will notice and gain insight into how you lead and what you can do to alter your approach.  We will examine what’s holding you back, how to release any apprehensions and fears so you can step confidently out of your comfort zone. 

By gaining clarity and understanding of what’s needed to achieve balance, you will have the ability to approach your professional and personal life from a place of inner strength and confidence.  We will work together on a Personal Action Plan so you can continuously take stock and reflect on where you’ve been and what you want to achieve.  Any discontentment will turn into a deeper sense of fulfillment in whatever area you are challenged with.  

Included are

  • 6 coaching sessions 
  • Assignments
  • Unlimited email access

Have you considered taking the Workplace or Leadership EQ-i 2.0 Assessment?  This assessment is a great tool to measure your emotional intelligence and determine what influences your capability to cope effectively with the demands and pressures of work and life.  You will get a snapshot of where  potential areas of improvement are.  Included with the assessments is a 45-minute debrief with a Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach!

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