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Helping Individuals be their very BEST

For over 20 years, I’ve worked with women, leaders, youth and mostly non-profits in the field of emotional intelligence, leadership and personal growth.

I became a manager for the first time in the early 2000’s and thought I had a pretty good idea of how to manage people however it didn’t take me long to discover just how mistaken I was. Within 4-5 months I was getting intense push back. I was downright frustrated and confused. When I asked why all the push back, I got an earful.

What I heard changed everything.  It wasn’t just about managing people but how to lead.  It took me years of trial and error to figure out how to best navigate through incredibly challenging situations, sensitive conversations and how to get buy-in on organizational changes.  It was exhausting but over time things began to improve.  Then I ran across emotional intelligence and recognized the skills I had learned the hard way.  My first response?  Where was this when I needed it?!

I also realized I could take those leadership skills anywhere, even into my personal life. And I did. With success. I did what I knew worked – I listened, collaborated and acknowledged people so they felt heard and understood.

What impacted me the most was understanding why someone’s performance was sliding.  I heard hundreds of stories as to their “why” and it was those stories that taught me understanding and compassion. Stories are such an important part of leadership, part of life. I had stories of my own. A divorce after a 22-year marriage and a car accident 5 years later that led me into another unhealthy relationship. My self-worth was destroyed. I hid from the world and my friends because I was embarrassed that I was failing as a human being. I delved deep into what I now know was my Self-Perception to pull myself together to start anew.

Here I am today sharing my knowledge and experience with others, and focusing on matters of the human spirit; people becoming heart centred again.  I’m passionate about helping individuals be their very best by encouraging them along the way as they discover parts of themselves or a behaviour that needs a slight adjustment. I’m there to provide a neutral and insightful perspective to whatever they are struggling with that may be affecting how they show up everyday.  When I see them smiling and feeling empowered to take the lead in their life with absolute confidence, that’s when I know my job is done!

Celine’s Background & Certification

  • Certified:  Emotional intelligence trainer/facilitator, coach & EQ-i 2.0 assessments;  Personal Empowerment coach, Virtual coach, Authentic Leader coach; Appreciation at Work trainer and MBA assessments
  • Compassionate Inquiry: Healing Trauma & Addiction (Gabor Mate);  Understanding & Integrating Trauma (Gabor Mate); Tapping (aka Emotional Freedom Technique: EFT); Somatic Experiencing; Working With Parts (Internal Family Systems: IFS)
  • Author; Public Speaker; Featured on HR.com; TV, radio & podcast appearances
  • Former Disaster Response Manager and trainer on child maltreatment, relationship violence, bullying & harassment, and youth suicide – Canadian Red Cross

Andrea L Gillespie 

As a CPA, CMA who dedicated 20+ years adding value to and growing within corporate finance and planning roles for large, international organizations, my ongoing drive and curiosity to better understand human nature and what shapes our organizational team cultures, similar to that of our family and community cultures, inspired me to change my career path to human resources in the fall of 2018, completing my CHRP designation by September 2020.

I have earned the valuable experience of gaining first-hand insight with respect to the intersection of culture and team dynamics by leading, developing, and coaching teams throughout my career.

The common thread in all of work, in all of life, is that how well we understand our feelings, and the degree to which we accurately express our emotions in a socially responsible manner that invites empathy, determines our level of fulfillment, growth and success.

I have spent my entire adult life being inquisitive about, studying and learning everything I can regarding human behaviour, neuroscience and neuroplasticity, organizational psychology, leadership theory, spirituality…whatever helps me access the complexities of how we are all interconnected, and how we motivate and influence one another with our emotional energy and intention.

Emotional intelligence is the universal bridge between our physiological sensations and the cognitive interpretation we assign to these important signals though the beliefs we hold.  I have come to understand, partly from the learned experience of rebuilding my own platform of self-worth after internalizing toxic shame reinforced through childhood experiences, and partly from applied theory, that everything we think, say, and do is a candid reflection of the beliefs we hold of ourselves, of others, and of the world; our worldview being the lens of perception through which we experience our lives.

Understanding our emotions is the gateway to self-awareness and empathy, which require vulnerability. And vulnerability is the foundation for courage, truth, and integrity…at home, at work, and everywhere in between.  Emotional intelligence amplifies our ability to understand and balance emotions. Emotions precede every thought and behaviour, which influence the meaning and result of every life experience.

When we master ourselves, we master our lives.
We start where we are. The path will rise to meet us.