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2 FOR 1

Improve TWO areas of your life using ONE skill!

People often assume emotional intelligence is a skill for leaders only.  What I have discovered over the years is, when you start applying emotional intelligence, it will automatically find its way in two areas – work and your personal life.

Regardless of which area you start using this skill in, the other area will be positively impacted as well.  It’s similar to “Once you see it – you can’t unsee it!”

Our “Taking the Lead” emotional intelligence training is a great first step to bringing awareness on how you show up everyday and what you can do to alter your approach.

All 5 competencies and 15 subscales of emotional intelligence will be examined. The training is practical, hands on and includes real life experiences.  You will gain…. (continued below)

“I have the pleasure to have crossed paths with Celine during a weekly virtual discussion forum for EQ professionals.  Her self-aware, thoughtful, vulnerable contributions each week about navigating the emotions of her own life continue to inform and inspire me, along with many others on the call.  Celine never explicitly introduced herself as having 20+ years of leadership experience.  She didn’t need to as we all garnered a very real sense of the gravitas, insight and empathy she developed while working in the field of emotional intelligence, leadership and personal growth for over two decades.”   Andrea Gillespie, Ontario

You will gain insight into how to

  • navigate through difficult and sensitive situations, challenges and conversations with confidence and with an insightful perspective.
  • engage in a meaningful way by becoming an effective communicator and active listener
  • adjust and shift with changes you are facing
  • move out of your comfort zone with little effort
  • make informed decisions
  • feel empowered, inspired, fearless and confident

Are you ready to get started? Contact Celine today for your FREE 30-minute Consultation to help determine what you are wanting to ultimately achieve, what you want to avoid, and if our Emotional Intelligence training and/or coaching are the best fit for you.

“Taking the Lead” is an intentionally reflective course chronicling the emotional intelligence expertise Celine has amassed over the journey of her personal life and through her impressive leadership career.  Throughout the course, she conveys relevant stories and experiences, peppered with pragmatic real-life examples and masterful theory.  Those of you who take this course will be introduced to the empowering concept of the importance of holding space for turning inward, of going deeper to understand our “why” in life; the simple most important driver for our motivation and behaviour.”   Andrea Gillespie, Ontario

Available Courses

Topics May Include

  • Reduction in staff turnover
  • Increase in productivity
  • Boost in morale
  • Reduced cost in recruitment and training
  • Reduced absenteeism, sick days
  • Easy buy-in from employees
  • Higher engagement and collaboration, willing to pitch in and do extra projects/work
  • Long term employees (vs revolving door)
  • Great company reputation