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Celine Rose Training Goes Online


We’re so excited to announce the launch of the ‘Taking the Lead’ series of online collaborative leadership training courses! 

Celine Rose of Celine Rose Training

With over 20 years of experience in working with emotional intelligence with leaders in every realm, Celine of Celine Rose Training is truly an expert in her field. She has helped businesses radically turn their workplace environments into supportive, productive and successful places to work for the whole team. Driven by her passion to help leaders understand what emotional intelligence can do for themselves and their team, she has created two amazing online course offerings focused on collaborative leadership!

Fast Facts About the ‘Taking the Lead’ Courses:

  • What it is – These online collaborative leadership training courses focus on the 5 core competencies and 15 subscales of Emotional Intelligence.  You will learn what emotional intelligence is, how you lead and what your approach looks like.  The targeted key components of successful and inspiring leaders include effective communication, building trust, empathy, inspiring and retaining team members and so much more.
  • How it works – There are two different course styles to choose from!
  • The first course option is a self-paced ‘Taking the Lead’ collaborative leadership course.  It’s a great first step to becoming more self-aware of how you lead and what your approach looks like.  Take all the time you need in completing this self-paced course wherever you are!
  • The second course option is the ‘Taking the Lead’ Master Class Certification program. This is one of the most comprehensive and hands-on collaborative leadership training programs available.  Along with the course material, there are over 20 assignments as well as six full coaching sessions with Celine to help you develop, practice and hone your emotional intelligence skills. You have a full year to complete your coaching sessions with her, so this will fit into your busy schedule with ease.  At the end, a Certificate of Completion is issued.
  • Where it is – Totally online! Regardless of the course type you choose, everything will be available to you to learn from anywhere you like, whether it’s at the office or at home.
  • How to Sign Up – Nothing could be easier! Just visit our website for more information on the courses and add the course you want to register for, right into your cart.
Celine Rose Training's online course on a laptop

For the past year, Celine has worked tirelessly to craft and publish an extensive and unique online resource in leadership development. With two different course style offerings, she has honed in on exactly what leaders of any industry need to foster a successful business while encouraging a positive and productive workplace culture for their whole team. Keep reading the interview with Celine below to discover more about how she created these innovative courses and how they will help you become the leader you’ve always wanted to be.

What Made You Decide to Create Online Courses?

“A few things made me sit up and take notice of just how great the need was for online leadership training.  First off, getting employees together for training is expensive.  With online courses, it means that everyone can learn where they are located, in their own space and discuss findings virtually as a team if they want.

Secondly, I have been able to tailor the content for the online courses for every size and type of business! Small family-owned, medium or large businesses are always looking to support their team but also grow revenue in an effective way.  They are constantly seeking out creative ways to inspire current team members and attract new top talent to their companies. The great thing about the ‘Taking the Lead’ courses is leaders will get practical tools they can use to create a great workplace culture utilizing emotional intelligence that will also produce the best ROI for their company, no matter their size or end goals.

So Emotional Intelligence Leadership Training is for Everyone?

“Absolutely. From all levels of management in large companies to the owner of a mom-and-pop store down the street, everyone will benefit. No matter the industry or individual’s age, these courses will give individuals the tangible leadership skills they will need in the workplace. 

And the best part is that they don’t need any kind of experience to take the courses. The courses have been designed so that people who are totally new to emotional intelligence or have just landed their first supervisory position can learn this skill. Those with more experience can continue to practice and refine their emotional intelligence skills even further.

A woman taking the online courses

What Kinds of Issues Do the ‘Taking the Lead’ Courses Address?

“The courses really lean in on a leader’s approach and response to common workplace problems using emotional intelligence as their lens. We discuss how to navigate tough and sensitive conversations, how to handle difficult or uncomfortable situations, how to inspire others to excel and achieve more, how to build or rebuild trust with their team and so much more.

These courses are designed to maximize the benefits of using emotional intelligence so a leader can work through and resolve any issues that may come up for the company. It all revolves around confidence and trust. If the team trusts those in leadership, they will be more motivated to excel at their specific job and stay with the company long term.  They see themselves thrive under a trusted leader.  With that trust firmly planted, a leader is more confident to communicate and encourage the team to go even further.”

A screenshot of the online training courses from Celine Rose Training

What Was Your Favourite Part of Creating these Courses?

“I loved re-discovering my own ‘aha’ moments with all of the leaders, organizations and individuals who I worked with in the past. It was great to reflect back on the different situations and conversations where emotional intelligence played a significant role in the way things played out and how they were resolved. Many of those experiences are shared in the courses.

One of my biggest challenges right out of the gate was to ensure the experiential learning aspect of the training wasn’t lost. That’s a key element in the Master Class when developing and practicing emotional intelligence. So I tackled the assignments first before developing the course content.

It’s also a treat to teach about ‘not managing people but LEADING people’. As soon as leaders start to recognize their own potential through emotional intelligence, their self-confidence is strengthened. Being honest, open and taking ownership inspires the workplace culture in a radical way. They see tangible changes in their workplace environments which is very rewarding. I never get tired of hearing the success stories and seeing the changes.

Finally, tackling something like online courses that was so new to me was a scary experience. It has been difficult getting used to the techie side of things and the online medium of videos and proper course writing. I had to get over my own fear of making mistakes and just be human.  This journey of creating ‘Taking the Lead’ has been quite enjoyable and I am thrilled to share it with everyone now.”

These new courses are available NOW on the Celine Rose Training website! Click here to learn more details and enrol to take that first step towards becoming an emotional intelligence leader for your organization today!

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