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  2. Challenges + Choices = Changes

Challenges + Choices = Changes

When we are ready to make a change, there is so much uncertainty and fear in all the what-if’s that consume our brain that we continuously second guess ourselves.  We end up giving up because we don’t know what to do next or how to do it.  


This 3 C’s coaching package will help you gain clarity on specific struggles or challenges you are facing.  You will explore how to view them through a new lens where you are able to see possibilities and options you may not have noticed before.  We will work together to put the puzzle pieces together and determine what action steps feel right for you.  This will ultimately help you to confidently move through the challenges and struggles in front of you.


  • 3 coaching sessions (conducted at your discretion)
  • Assignments
  • Unlimited email access

If you are ready to feel confident about making an informed decision on whatever challenges you are facing, contact Celine for your FREE 30-minute Discovery Session.

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