1. Mini Workshops
  2. Face-to-Face Workshops

Face-to-Face Workshops

“Appreciation At Work” and “Taking the Lead”   These 2-6 hour workshops are ideal for staff development, seminars, regional or provincial conferences.  They are hands-on, practical and highly interactive.  Contact Celine as pricing varies.


“Appreciation at Work” is a natural fit when using emotional intelligence because it has also been linked to higher employee engagement, decrease in staff turnover, fewer on the job accidents and greater productivity.  Tapping into the various languages of appreciation and taking specific action steps that are meaningful to the individual will produce the best results.  Understanding that what makes one person feel appreciated doesn’t necessarily make another person feel appreciated.  This is at the core of whether or not someone feels appreciated and valued.  This fun workshop will help improve morale and create an environment for employees to feel appreciated, valued and part of the team.  Contact Celine for pricing.

 “Taking the Lead” is also offered as a face-to-face workshop highlighting the 5 core competencies of emotional intelligence and its subscales.  This workshop runs from 2 – 6 hours and is tailored to the needs of the Client.  Contact Celine for pricing.

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