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Self-Paced “Taking the Lead”

Reduced price!  Be empowered to make the changes you want for yourself starting today!

This Self-Paced “Taking the Lead” emotional intelligence course is a great first step to bringing awareness on how you show up everyday and what you can do to alter your approach.  This course is self-guided and…. (continued below)

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We also offer a Master Course which is available upon request.

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“Taking the Lead” is an intentionally reflective course chronicling the emotional intelligence expertise Celine has amassed over the journey of her personal life and through her impressive leadership career.  Throughout the course, she conveys relevant stories and experiences, peppered with pragmatic real-life examples and masterful theory.  Those of you who take this course will be introduced to the empowering concept of the importance of holding space for turning inward, of going deeper to understand our “why” in life; the simple most important driver for our motivation and behaviour.”   Andrea Gillespie, Ontario

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This course is self-guided and self-paced to fit your schedule.  All 5 core competencies and 15 subscales of emotional intelligence will be examined.  In this Self-Paced course, you will  

  • Develop a foundational understanding of emotional intelligence
  • Understand how emotions influence and impact your work environment and personal life
  • Examine what builds and breaks down trust, and what makes for effective communication
  • Recognize how assumptions and judgements get in the way of making informed decisions
  • What will help you reduce stress beyond the typical hiking, walking or going to the gym
  • Understand what it would take to best navigate through difficult and sensitive situations, challenges and conversations

Included are

  • Introduction: Training Expectations & What is Emotional Intelligence?
  • Modules 1-5
  • Videos, PowerPoint slides

Want to get noticed and be recognized as someone who knows how to engage and interact with others, able to deal with tough situations with confidence and who makes informed decisions?  To compliment our Self-Paced Course, we encourage you to add our coaching package of three sessions to maximize and refine your emotional intelligence skills while you experience applying it.

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